As a way of keeping abreast of developments in my field I write articles and book reviews. Here is a selection of some recent articles and book reviews. Some have direct links (urls), others can be obtained by emailing me.


Hayes, G (2009) Some reflections on psychotherapy and morality. Psycho-analytic psychotherapy in South Africa, 17(2), 117-124.

Hayes, G (2012) Desire in the time of AIDS, in Gulerce, A (ed) (2012) Re(con)figuring psychoanalysis: Critical juxtapositions of the philosophical, the sociohistorical and the political. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.

Hayes, G (2013) Interpreting dreams in psychotherapy. New Therapist, 88, 6-11.

Hayes, G (2014) The uncanniness of ageing. PINS (Psychology in society), 47, 59-67.

Hayes, G (2017) Love as radical politics. PINS (Psychology in society), 53, 76-86.

Book Reviews

Hayes, G (2013) A review of Schaeffer’s Universal refusal: A psychoanalytic exploration of the feminine sphere and its repudiation. New Therapist, 83, 28-29.

Hayes, G (2013) A review of Miller’s Lacanian psychotherapy: Theory and practical applications. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy in South Africa, 21(1), 127-134.

Hayes, G (2014) A review of Bollas’s Catch them before they fall: The psychoanalysis of breakdown. New Therapist, 90, 30-31

Hayes, G (2014) A review of Lacan and addiction. New Therapist, 91, 26-27.

Hayes, G (2016) A review of Bollas’s When the sun bursts: The enigma of schizophrenia. New Therapist, 106, 24-26.